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Dec. 9th, 2011


My Geek collection


The Chosen collection, all Angel seasons and some doubles of Buffy seasons. Bunch of other Whedon related shows and movies.

The slayer collection(DVDs): Xander, Dawn, Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Faith, Angel.

DVD Done the impossible.

DVD Tim Minear: Breaking the story

DVD Joss Whedon: The master at play

10 Buffy the vampire diskettes I think they have bios and screencaps and stuff on them, I haven't checked.

A few James CDs and him reading Storm Front


Lorne poster http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g190/tonyalittlegirl2/IMG_2509.jpg (usagianddarien's photo of her poster)

a few comic posters (big issue 2, small issue 1 & 10 etc etc)

Limited edition lithograph signed by James Marsters of Spike (nr 11 of 500)

About 20 other posters (although I have misplaced most of them).

4 scotty posters

1 funny The cabin in the woods poster (the sex one)

Lasered metal Dollhouse art Limited to 250

Sketch cards:
By R.A.C. Harper
http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i198/Skytteflickan88/buffysamling/th_Bb6ft6Q2kKGrHqEH-EEEquWVUihgBKyOPdB.jpg http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i198/Skytteflickan88/buffysamling/th_B6n7wmkKGrHgoH-D8EjlLlyV52BKtnyBKvf.png
(better quality in person)

Framed print by MRTIM http://ourvaluedcustomers.blogspot.com/2010/08/what.html


Mini chibi Loki, official merchandise, but I'm unsure what it's called.

Loki key chain.

A few 6" figs and accessories

Sideshow dolls: Human Spike(complete?), Angel City Of(complete?), Angel becoming (complete?), Vampire Buffy, Graduation Day Buffy, Propechy Girl, Human Willow x2 (1 complete den andra?), Oz, Liam, Xander (complete?)

- Band-Wagon-Moment Buffy by MsBig (different base) http://www.sashacustoms.co.uk/whedon/buffy/btvs-6/6-7-band-buffy
-"Naughty games" Spike & Buffy by smiler
-Vamped Out Spike mini & Nightmare vamp Buffy mini
-Chosen Buffy, Spike & Dawn minis by vampspike
-Darla from flashback by Alyrenee (my own crappy pics that doesn't show much detail) http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i198/Skytteflickan88/buffysamling/darlaalyrenee.png?t=1287060395
-Angel - A Hole In The World by Jess (from the scene when he and Spike argues).
Kendra by Jess?
Buffy by MsBig


2x Copy of Sunnydale map (maybe 3)

Copy of "Cordelia Chase for homecoming Queen" flyer

2x Copy of actual Magix Box ad page used on BtVS

Copy of two photos(one double) used on the BtVS(Lover's walk) & a behind the scenes-photo
(Sarah & David, Graduation day part 2)

Map replica of the location of the Deeper Well Printed copy of prop used in [i]A Hole In The World[/i](I think it's the one handed to Angel.

Hush box replica by usagianddarien

Fake Throat Skins of bite marks(Prop from Buffy)


2x Spike comic lithograph SDCC 2012

Two SDCC wristbands

Buffy/Angel/Spike/Firefly comics(most for reading, some for collecting
Darkhorse http://skytteflickan88.livejournal.com/16602.html
IDW http://skytteflickan88.livejournal.com/18394.html

1x Georges Jeanty sketchbook vol 1
Maybe 3 Georges Jeanty sketchbook vol 2
1(maybe two) Georges Jeanty sketchbook vol 3
2x Georges Jeanty sketchbook vol 4

2 Georges Jeanty original art pages(inked). Season 8, issue 11, p.6&7. (The party with giant Dawn)

Draft of the first Aftermath comic + the two issues of Aftermath signed by Kelley Armstrong

1 signed copies of Stephen Mooney's Angel sketch books + a original sketch

Advanced B&W copies of issue 1 of Buffy(the original series) and The Origin issue 1.They might have some changes from tne published versions, I haven't checked yet.

Buffy&Angel books
Here they are http://skytteflickan88.livejournal.com/14108.html

20-ish Buffy and/or Angel magazines (and a few Swedish ones with castmembers featured). I can't recall which ones.


Buffy t-shirt http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i198/Skytteflickan88/buffysamling/but1041.jpg
The quality of the shirt isn't very good, the fabric is thin and after a few uses there was a hole in it. But it's pretty!

3 towels 12x12 inch

2 Loki(from the Avengers movie) pillows made by etsy seller FeerieDoll

Buffy/Darkhorse Tote bag from 2009 San Diego Comic Con

A t-shirt with a Angel & Spike smiley (Spike happy, Angel cranky) saying "I'll take the blonde". I think it can be found on cafeexpress.

A James signed t-shirt that says "Just did it with" and James signed his name below... (I wore it on the pictures mentioned above) http://s72.photobucket.com/albums/i198/Skytteflickan88/james%2008/?action=view¤t=S6005457.jpg

Hello Kitty Loki t-shirt http://www.redbubble.com/people/yakichou/works/8900252-hell-loki-tty?body_color=brown&p=t-shirt&print_location=front&size=medium&style=mens

Rogers/Stark t-shirt http://www.teefeed.com/post/30235987911/ript-apparel-rogers-and-stark-2012-by-eozen

Supernatural shirt http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2012/08/24/geek-gear-supernatural-hell-back-world-tour-shirt/

This is my spot t-shirt

Drunk & Disorderly hoodie http://teecraze.com/drunk-disorderly-t-shirt/

Sam(LOTR) shirt http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&sa=N&rls=com.microsoft:sv:%7Breferrer:source%3F%7D&rlz=1I7ADSA_svSE480&biw=1366&bih=643&tbm=isch&tbnid=A2vJ31P9oTk5cM:&imgrefurl=http://teeraiders.tumblr.com/post/30921875521/boil-em-mash-em-stick-em-in-a-stew-say-hello&docid=5GdaZe_774q_cM&imgurl=http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9v5b3m4lT1r09xrgo1_1280.png&w=550&h=677&ei=BDN_UNGLAoXk4QTOyoDIDw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=401&sig=111885637330669622758&page=1&tbnh=151&tbnw=123&start=0&ndsp=19&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:75&tx=19&ty=26

Supernatural shirt "Crowley's Crossroads Inn" http://psychosylum.com/horror-clothing-crowleys-crossroads-inn-supernatural-inspired/


A black binder with pretty Buffy pics glued on that I made[/u] (halfnaked actors glued on the inside) with collections cards in it (base cards, bonus cards, promo cards, etcetc).

Folders and a box I glued Buffy pics on.

Buffy/Angel inkworks cards, base cards, pieceworks and a couple Veronica Mars autograph cards.

A few photos of me and James Marsters(photoshoot from a convention)

Mousepad/display piece of one of Smiler's customs

Sandals that I display on the wall (with pics of Smiler's customs printed on them)

Buffy wrapper(for school books?)

Playing cards(Angel series one and at least one other)

A pez-witch dispenser

Metall Buffy pin saying "Buffy" in a heart

Matching Loki and Thor bracelets by etsy seller/shop KatyDidMischief

Loki bottle cap necklace by ebay seller/shop alternativeXchange

A Buffy post card

Buffy mug

Nov. 10th, 2011


Svenska serier (inkl. översatta)

--Berglin, Jan & Maria
Bronto Berglin: samlade series 1999-2008

--Biller, Malin
Du vet att du vill
Lycko Biller

--Cronstam, Tony & Cronstam, Maria
Elvis: under skalet
Elvis: bäst i test
Elvis: toastad men inte bränd
Elvis: första boken extra allt
Elvis :keeping harlem strong
Elvis: Ingen dag utan ångest
Elvis: Hallå där, kompis!
Elvis: Måndagszombie (2009)
Elivs: Dödsdansen
Elvis: Tillsammans sedan 2000-2010
Elvis: Äntligen semester
Elvis: Varför kan livet inte vara som en poster
Elvis: Pungsparkad

Skäms du inte?

--Ekström, Åsa
Sayonara september 1

--Eriksson, Niklas
Carpe Diem

--Kellerman, Martin
Rocky: 10 år samlade serier
Rocky: vol 14-22
So Whatcha Sayin: En intervjubok

--Myrhe, Lise
Nemi: Stora boken om Nemi
Nemi: vol 1-9

--Neidestam, Lina.
Zelda vol 1
Zelda vol 2

--Øverli, Frode
Pondus femma

--Utopi nr 1-4

Ett flertal lösnummer av Nemi, Pondus, Kalle Anka, W.I.T.C.H. etc etc.


--Dagsson, Hugleikur
Får man skratta åt det här?
--Øverli, Frode
Tara Freedom

Whedon-related magazines

All my Buffy, Angel and Buffy/Angel magazines, and the ones with the Whedon-related people on other magazines(I missed some Swedish ones).



Titan Magazine in the UK

Buffy (#1-75, then they incorporated Angel):

Buffy Yearbook:

Angel (24 issues):

Buffy/Angel (was only Buffy before #76, then, from issue 76-94, was Buffy incorporating Angel):


Titan Magazine in the US

Buffy(31 issues):

Angel(17 issues):



SFX special edition ’unofficial Buffy collection (Angel&Buffy on the front)
SFX special Worlds of Whedon 2010 (two magazines, one package)
Dreamwatch #91
Dreamwatch #58(?) Buffy and Angel on the front
Veckorevyn nr 6
SFX special edition vampires
SFX #110
SFX #119
Wizard comics magazine #217
TV guide July 29-August 4
TV guide May 30-June 5

Sep. 20th, 2011


Angel IDW comics I have

* = don't have (either print or digital)
::  = I only own a digital copy of that one
:-: I own a print copy and a digital copy
BLANK  = I own a print copy


-For collecting (don't write these anywhere else)

-ATF & main series

-One shots & mini series



-Sketchbooks and misc.

-For collecting:

Angel After the fall #1

Angel:Yearbook signed by Patrick Shand

Stephen Mooney's Angel sketchbook

Two Aftermath issue signed by Kelley Armstrong and draft of the first Aftermath issue.

-ATF & main series


*1 Director's cut

*1 Hundred Penny Press Edition












































-One shots & mini series

Old friends:






Angel Auld Lang Syne:



Not fade away:




Blood and trenches:





The curse:


Smile Time:


A hole in the world:

*vet inte hur många

Only human:


Angel spotlight:






:: Angelus vs Frankenstein

:: Angel vs Frankenstein 2

:: Lorne: Music of the spheres

Illyria Haunted:


Barbary Coast:





:: Angel: Yearbook

:-: Masks `??

*Last Angel In Hell


*Reborn 1

*Reborn 2

*Reborn 3

*Reborn 4

could there be a fifth?


:-: Spike: Old times

:-: Spike: Old wounds

:-: Spike: Lost and found

Spike After the fall:





Spike (by Brian Lynch)


Spike vs Dracula:






Spike asylum:






Spike shadow puppet:


Spike The Devil You Know:



*Team Angel 100 page spectacular #1

*Team Angel 100 page spectacular #2 (released yet?)
 *Team Angel 100 page spectacular #3 (released yet?)

 *Spike 100 page Spectacular
*Angel 100 page spectacular

*Angel Omnibus vol.1
*Angel Omnibus vol.2

:: The Devil You Know TPB

*Spike Omnibus

*Spike (TPB, includes Spike: Old Times, Spike: Old Wounds, Spike: Lost & Found)

:-: Spike vol 1 (#1-4)

:: Spike vol 2 (#5-8)

*Illyria: Haunted

Angel series two(After, Aftermath, etc etc) HC:s

*Angel After the fall Premiere edition vol.1



:-: 3(2 physical ones)

:-: 4

:-: 5 Aftermath

:: 6 (Last Angel in hell)

:-: 7(kallas även "vol 1" som det står på boken)Immortality for dummies

:: 8 (kallas "vol 2") Crown Prince Syndrome

:: 9 (kallas "vol 3") The Wolf, The Ram and the Heart

*The End HC

*Angel After the fall TBP vol 1

*Angel after the fall TPB vol 2

*Angel after the fall TPB vol 3

*Angel after the fall TPB vol 4

:-: Spike After the fall HC

*Spike After the fall TPB

Only human TPB

:-: spotlight TPB

:-: auld lang syne TPB

:-: The curse TBP

:-: Old friends TBP

:-: Asylum TPB

:-: Shadow puppets TPB

:-: Barbary Coast TPB

???Smile Time TPB (does only )

Smile Time HC

:: A hole in the world TPB

Not Fade Away TBP

:-: Blood & trenches TPB

*Fallen Angel: Reborn TPB

::Spike vs Dracula TPB
*The John Byrne Collection

-Sketchbooks and misc.

*Elena Casagrande's sketchbook

Stephen Mooney's Angel sketchbook

*Angel Covers HC

*Angel Portraits 100 page Spectacular

*Angel After The Fall Cover Gallery

*Angel scriptbook vol.1 TPB
*Angel scriptbook vol. 2 TPB
*Angel scriptbook:
#I own which numbers of the scriptbook?

Dec. 30th, 2010


The Joy of Christmas

Title: The Joy of Christmas
Author: Skytteflickan88
Characters: Spike
Genre: angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of death and torture
Spoilers: BtVS Season 5 (Out Of My Mind)
Beta-reader: hunk_nightthing [I edited a lot after I got this beta’d, so I should probably have gotten it re-beta’d. Oh well.]
Status: Completed.
Word count: 729
Summary: Spike is not loving the holiday.

Author’s note: Created for Noel of Spike. I use the commonly accepted name Pratt as Spike's last name. It was used in the possibly-canon comic Spike: Asylum, which makes it official enough for me.


Spike was walking down Main Street, on his way home. It was the night before Christmas, but the vampire was not jolly.
Spike didn’t like Christmas at all. He used to, when he was alive, and still known as William Pratt. True, the early celebrations of his human youth had been filled with pain and fear, as his father, William Sr, had been an abusive drunk. Both he and his mother, Anne, had spent the holidays putting on a brave face, trying to get through in one piece. The rest of their relatives stayed away, celebrating in their own homes, not wanting to get caught in the middle. But Spike had begun to love the holiday once his father died. It was a time of joy and cheer for him and his mother. He had loved opening his gifts, even as an adult, but he had loved giving gifts to his mother even more.
However, after he had become a vampire, sired his mother, and later staked her, things... changed. 
No matter how many families he slaughtered around this time every year he was always distraught by the memories of what had been. Not even finding the cruelest fathers, stalking, torturing and hanging them in town squares made him happy.

Drusilla always complained about Spike’s moods and quickly got tired off him, leaving for another exciting city without him a few days before Christmas until his mood wore off sometime in February, when she'd come back for him. 

He didn’t mind that she left. Especially since he sometimes saw her gaze wistfully herself at happy families around the holiday. Spike imagined he could see a sliver of sanity slip through the clouds of her mind. These moments were usually followed by Drusilla obsessing over memories of her “Daddy”, and making plans of what she wanted to do to those happy families (which she often followed through). But Spike thinks he saw it. 
The girl she used to be.
Those were the only times he cursed Angelus for breaking and re-creating that innocent girl he never got the chance to meet. The rest of the year Spike and Drusilla were two hungry monsters, out for fun and blood, creatures of the dark which never looked back, that were happy destiny and sadistic desires had brought them together. But around this time of the year, they remembered. And Spike wondered about the girl she had once been. And if his mother would have approved of that girl

These are thoughts he rarely let himself think. But now Spike doesn’t have Drusilla or feeding to distract him. Not even Harmony was around to shag. Even the demons of Sunnydale were getting scarcer, since both Buffy and Spike were killing them now, which meant Spike hadn't been able to find one to fight for days.

So it was a gloomy Spike that carried a bag with blood and whiskey to his crypt. But when he opened the door he was met by a surprise. There was a … tree, in one of the corners of the crypt? Spike wasn’t sure the thing lived up to the name. It was clearly meant to be a Christmas tree, but it was too small, broken and trashed to deserve the title. He noticed the tape around the branches, as if someone had attempted to straighten them out, so they didn’t droop as much.

Spike walked closer, expecting a trap or ambush, but nothing happened.

The blond suddenly noticed an Angel at the top. This made him immediately want to set the hideous thing on fire, but as he came closer, he saw that the Angel had blood smeared on it’s face and body, and a small wooden stake glued to its chest.

The chuckling vampire relaxed some, set the bag down at the floor and threw himself into his armchair and contemplated the tree.
He wondered who could have done this. The air reeked of the scent of the humans, but it always did. Buffy and her friends and family always found reasons to come here, for information, for a punching bag or for some of them, company. Spike decided not to go closer to the tree, since he would then be able to tell who had done this by the scent that must linger on the tree.

Spike knew it was hopeless, stupid even, to think Buffy would have done this. But he wanted to believe. So he didn’t open the wrapped gift that was lying under the tree. Instead he opened the first bottle of scotch of the night and put on the TV.

The end.



Author’s end note:

You choose who gave Spike the tree and the gift. But I like to think it was Dawn who decided to spend her entire month’s allowance on a tree and small gift to the vampire she was sure would receive none. But maybe it was Willow, or Tara, that wanted to be nice, but didn’t have much money to spend either. Or maybe, just maybe, it was Buffy.

Nov. 7th, 2009


Darkhorse comics I own

Darkhorse (not including the ones that might have been re-printed for the Buffy magazines)

* = don't have (either print or digital)
::  = I only own a digital copy of that one
:-: I own a print copy and a digital copy
BLANK  = I own a print copy


-For collecting (don't write these anywhere else)

-Original Buffy series (63 issue)

-Original Angel series (17 issues)

-Season 8

-Season 9

-One shots & mini series




-Sketchbooks and misc.


-Buffy season 8 issue 1 regular and variant cover (not the sketch one).
-Advanced B&W copies of issue 1 of Buffy(the original series) and The Origin issue 1
-Buffy season 8 limited hardcover (The Long Way Home)

-Original Buffy series:
:-: 1
*1: 1 for 1$ edition
:-: 2
:-: 4 x2 in print(1 NM)
:-: 5
:: 6
:: 7
:-: 12
:-: 16
::digital version of Mall Rats, a short comic feature in this issue)50
:: 51
:: 52
:: 53
:: 54
:-: 55
:-: 56
:-: 57
:-: 58
:-: 59
:: 62
:: 63

-Original Angel series (17 issues)


-Season 8:
:: 1-40

-Season 9: Buffy

-Season 9: Angel & Faith:

 -One shots & mini series

::Free Comic book day 2012(BUFFY/GUILD)

Btvs: Angel: The Hollower

Tales of the vampires

Long night’s journey:

Willow & Tara Wilderness:


The origin:
:-: 1
:-: 2
:-: 3

Btvs Haunted:
:: 1
:: 2
:: 3
:: 4

One shots:
::Rock ‘N' Roll All Night And Sleep Every Day (might be printed in a single early comic)
::Demonology (might be printed in a single early comic)
:-:(own the digital version of Who made Who)Lover’s walk
::Tales of the vampires: The Thrill (season 8)
Chaos bleeds
Tales of the slayers - Broken bottle of Djinn
:-:Lost&found - the death of Buffy
::Willow one-shot(season 8, Goddesses and monsters
::Willow & Tara Wannablessedbe
::  Spike&Dru: All’s fair
:-: Spike & Dru: Queen of hearts
:: Spike & dru: Paint the town red
::#1/2 Special Wizard Magazine Comic(Stinger)
::Magical Mystery Tour Featuring the Beetles


Buffy Omnibus 1
Buffy Omnibus 2
*Buffy Omnibus 3
*Buffy Omnibus 4
Buffy Omnibus 5
*Buffy Omnibus 6
*Buffy Omnibus 7
*Season 8 vol 1 HC
*Season 8 vol 1 TPB
*Season 8 vol 2 TPB
*Season 8 vol 3 TPB
*Season 8 vol 4 TPB
*Season 8 vol 5 TPB
*Season 8 vol 6 TPB
*Season 8 vol 7 TPB
*Season 8 vol 8 TPB
*Bad blood TPB
Crash test demons TBP
Pale Reflections TBP
The Blood of Carthage TBP
The Death of Buffy TBP
*The final cut HC
:: Dust waltz TPB
Creatures of habit (kind of a book)
Tales of the vampires TBP
*Tales of the slayers TPB
Tales HC
*Buffy: Autumnal
*Food chain
*Spike & Dru TPB
*The Hollower
*Panel to panel
*Stake to the heart TPB
*Slayer, Interrupted TPB
*Willow & Tara TPB
*Note from the underground TPB
*Ugly little monsters TPB
*False memories TPB
Past Lives TPB
*Out of the woodwork TPB
:: Play with fire TPB
*Special Collector's Edition (The Dust Waltz, The Origin, The Remaining Sunlight)
*Special Collector's Edition (Bad Blood, Crash Test Demons, Pale Reflections)
Fray TPB
*Angel omnibus
Strange bedfellows TPB
Earthly Possessions
*Hunting ground
Angel: Autumnal
*Long Night's Journey
Surrogates TBP
:: Ring of Fire GN
*The remaining sunlight TPB
*Uninvited guests TPB
:: The Origin TPB

Btvs annuals:
:-:(I have digital: The latest craze & Bad Dog) 1999




:-: Reveal #1 (den heter: Angels we have seen on high)
The Harmony interview in B.P.R.D. the black goddess #1
:-: TV guide (Nov. 21, 1998, “Dance with me”

Darkhorse presents:
:: Dark horse presents #141
:: Dark horse presents #150 DHP2K
*Dark horse presents #153
Dark horse presents #154
Dark horse presents #155
::(the buffy story anyway) Dark horse presents 1998 annual
::Dark horse presents Annual 2000: Girls rule
*Dark horse extra #11
*Dark horse extra #12
*Dark horse extra #13
*Dark horse extra #14
*Dark horse extra #15
*Dark horse extra #16
*Dark horse extra #25
*Dark horse extra #26
*Dark horse extra #27
*Dark horse extra #28
*Dark horse extra #36
*Dark horse extra #37
*Dark horse extra #38
*Dark horse extra #39
*Dark horse extra #40
*Dark horse extra #41
*Dark horse extra #47
*Dark horse extra #48
::Dark horse extra #49 (I own thedigital  Spike story "Rock and Roll..." from this comic)
::Dark horse extra #50  (I own thedigital  Spike story "Rock and Roll..." from this comic)

*Diamond previews (Mar. 1999 to Feb. 2000, ran ongoing Buffy: Rogues Gallery strip)

Myspace Darkhorse presents(these have Buffy stories in them):
*Vol 3
*Vol 5

Conversations with dead people board strip

-SERENITY/FIREFLY (haven't written down the physical copies)
:: Better days #1-3
:: Downtime and The Other Half
:: Float Out
:: Free Comic book day 2012(Star Wars/Serenity)
:: The Shephard's Tale
:: Those Left Behind #1-3

-Sketchbooks & misc:
*panel to panel
Georges Jeanty Buffy sketchbook vol 1
Georges Jeanty Buffy sketchbook vol 2 (x3)
Georges Jeanty Buffy sketchbook vol 3
*Jo Chen's artbook & *Jo Chen's sketchbook (carry case and postcards followed the 'deluxe version)


Abe Sapien: The drowning


Baltimore: The Plague Ships

Beasts of Burden

::Hellboy/Beasts of Burden: Sacrifice

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : New World

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Gods

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : Monsters
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : Russia
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : The Long Death
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : The Pickens County Horror
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : The Devil's Engine
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : The Transformation of J. H. O'Donnell
::1 (one shot)
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth : Excorsim

B.P.R.D. Hollow Earth

Bride of the Water God

Brody's Ghost


Classic Usagi Yojimbo

::1: Depths

Criminal Macabre: A Cal McDonald Mystery

Crying Freeman

::Uncle Silas: Genetis


Free Comic Book Day issue
::Doctor Solar/Man of the atom
::Baltimore/Criminal Macabre
::Star Wars:The Clone Wars/Avatar: The Last Airbender
::Magnus, Robot Fighter

Dungeon Siege III

Emily the Strange
::1 The Boring Issue

::Empowered Special 1: The wench with a million sighs

The End League

Falling Skies


::Free Comic book day 2012(Star Wars/Serenity)
::Free Comic book day 2011(Doctor Solar, Man of the atom)
::Free Comic book day 2010(Magnus, Robot Fighter)
::Free Comic book day 2011(Baltimore/Criminal Macabre)

Gear School



Hellboy: Seed of Destruction


The Helm

Kull: The Shadow Kingdom


Lady Snowblood
::1 The Deep-Seated Grudge

Let Me In: Crossroads

Living with the Dead

Mass Effect: Redemption

Mighty Samson



Path of the Assassin
::1 Serving in the Dark

Pigeons in hell




Resident Alien

Rex Mundi
::1 The Guardian of the Temple


Solomon Kane

Speak of the Devil

The Occultist

::The Occultist: One-shot

::The Outlaw Prince

::The Facts in the Case of the Depature of Miss Finch

The Massive

The Strain

The Strange Case of mr.Hyde

::The Thing


::The Umbrella Academy 0

Witchfinder: In The Service of Angels

Aug. 1st, 2009


(complete?) book list

*= I have those

Ultimate Buffy vol 1 http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Buffy-Vampire-Slayer-Cine-Manga/dp/159816029X/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1274817182&sr=8-4
something read by charisma charpenter
RPG books


A 3
*(own Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 2)After image by Pierce Askegren
Apocalypse memories by Laura J. Burns
*Avatar by John Passarella

B 6
book of the dead by ashley mcconnell
*bruja by mel odom
Blood and fog by Nancy Holder
**(own printed version and Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 3)Blooded by Christopher Golden
Blackout by Keith R. A. DeCandido
*(own the Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 2)Bad bargain by Diana G. Gallagher
*(I own the kindle edition)Buffy the vampire slayer 1: Coyote Moon; Night of the Living Rerun; Portal Through Time
*(I won the Kindle edition)Buffy the vampire slayer 2: Halloween Rain; Bad Bargain; Afterimage
*(I own the Kindle edition)Buffy the vampire slayer 3: Carnival of Souls; One Thing or Your Mother; Blooded

C 10
*city of by nancy holder
close to the ground by jeff mariotte
*(Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 3)Carnival of souls by Nancy Holder
Colony by Melinda Metz
Chaos Bleeds by James A. Moore
Child of the hunt by Christopher Golden
Chosen by Nancy Holder
**(own printed version and Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 1)Coyote Moon by John Vornholt
*Creatures of habit
Crossings by Mel Odom
*Cursed by Mel Odom

D 4
dark mirror by craig shaw gardner
Dark Congress by Christopher Golden
Deep water by Laura Anne Gilman
*x2 Doomsday deck by Diana G. Gallagher

E 1
*endangered species by nancy holder and jeff mariotte

F 1
fearless by doranna durgin

G 2
Go ask malice: A slayer's diary by Robert Joseph Levy
*Ghoul trouble by John Passarella

H 8
*haunted by jeff mariotte
*hollywood noir by jeff mariotte
*(own Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 2)Halloween rain by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder
Halloween (maybe with CD) http://www.amazon.com/Buffy-Vampire-Slayer-Halloween-Scholastic/dp/1904720331
*Heat by Nancy Holder
*Here be monsters by Cameron Dokey
*How I survived my summer vacation vol 1 by Nancy Holder
Immortal by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder ( a audio version read by Charisma Carpenter exists)

I 4
image by mel odom
impressions by doranna durgin
Inca mummy girl http://www.amazon.com/Buffy-Vampire-Slayer-Scholastic-Readers/dp/1904720226/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1274816067&sr=1-5
*I robot, you Jane by (there's one with audio CD and without, I have without)http://maryglasgowmagazines.com/mgm_books/15714


K 1
Keep me in mind by Nancy Holder

L 2
love and death by jeff mariotte
Little things by Rebecca Moesta

M 3
*Monster iland by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski
*Mortal Fear by Scott Ciencin and Denise Ciencin
monolith by john passarella

N 4
nemesis by denise ciencin and scott ciencin
*not forgotten by nancy holder
**(own printed version and Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 1)Night of the living rerun by Arthur Byron Cover
Night terrors by Alice Henderson

O 3
*(Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 3)One Thing or Your Mother by Kirsten Beyer
Obsidian fate by Diana G. Gallagher
*Oz: into the wild by Christopher Golden

P 4
Paleo by Yvonne Navarro
*Power of persuasion by Elizabeth Massie
*Prime evil by Diana G. Gallagher
**(own printed version and Kindle edition of Buffy the vampire slayer 1)Portal through time by Alice Henderson

Q 1
Queen of the slayers by Nancy Holder

R 4
redemption by mel odom
*Resurrecting ravana by Ray Garton
*Return to chaos by Craig Shaw Gardner
*Revenant by Mel Odom

S 10
*sanctuary by jeff mariotte
*shakedown by don debrandt
*stranger to the sun by jeff mariotte
*solitary man by jeff mariotte
*soul trade by Thomas E Sniegoski
Seven crows by John Vornholt
*Sins of the father by Christoper Golden
*Spike & Dru: Pretty maids all in a row by Christopher Golden
Sweet sixteen by Scott Ciencin
*(I own the kindle edition)Spark and burn by Diana G. Gallahger

*The book of fours by Nancy Holder
*Tempted champions by Yvonne NavarSOMETHING
These our actors by Dori Koogler and Ashley McConnell
The deathless by Keith R. A. DeCandido
The wisdom or war by Christoper Golden
The suicide king by Robert Joseph Levy
*The harvest by Richie Tankersley Cusick
*The evil that men do by Nancy Holder
*the summoned by cameron dokey
*Tales of the slayers vol 1 by Yvonne Navarro and others.
Tales of the slayers vol 2 by Todd A. McIntosh and others.
Tales of the slayers vol 3 by Yvonne Navarro and others.
Tales of the slayers vol 4 by Nancy Holder and others.
The Cordelia collection vol 1 by Nancy Krulik
*The willow files vol 1 by Yvonne Navarro
*The willow files vol 2 by Yvonne Navarro
*The Xander years vol 1 by Keith R. A. DeCandido
The Xander years vol 2 by Jeff Mariotte
the longest night vol 1 by Nancy Holder and others
*The lost slayer vol 1: Prophecies by Christopher Golden
*The lost slayer vol 2: The dark times by Christopher Golden
*The lost slayer vol 3: King of the dead by Christopher Golden
*The lost slayer vol 4: Original sins by Christopher Golden
The lost slayer (a omnibus?) by Christopher Golden
The journals of Rupert Giles vol 1 by Nancy Holder
The Faith trials vol 1 by James Laurence
The unseen trilogy book 1, The burning by Nancy Holder
The unseen trilogy book 2, Door to alternity by Nancy Holder
*The unseen trilogy book 3, Long way home by Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte
*The gatekeeper trilogy vol 1, Out of the madhouse by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder
*The gatekeeper trilogy vol 2, Ghost roads by Christopher Golden
*The gatekeeper trilogy vol 3, Sons of entropy by Christoper Golden and Nancy Holder
*The Angel chronicles vol 1 by Nancy Holder
*The Angel chronicles vol 2 by Richie Tankersley
The Angel chronicles vol 3 by Nancy Holder

U 1
*Unnatural selection by Mel Odom

V 2
*Visitors by Laura Anne Gilman and Josepha Sherman
*vengeance by scott ciencin and dan jolley

W 3
Wicked Willow, book 1: The Darkening by Yvonne Navarro
Wicked Willow, book 2, Shattered twilight by Yvonne Navarro
Wicked Willow, book 3: Broken sunrise by Yvonne Navarro
Wisdom of war





The Script Book Season One Vol. 1
*The Script Book Season One Vol. 2
*The Script Book Season two Vol. 1
*The script book season two vol 2
The Script Book Season two Vol. 3
The Script Book Season two Vol. 4
The Script Book Season three Vol. 1
The Script Book Season three Vol. 2
"Once More, With Feeling" : The Script Book

ANGEL SCRIPTS: (not sure what issue 6-11 are called, they might not be numbered)
*1 x2 City Of (I have both covers, art & photo)
*2 x2 A hole in the world (I have both covers, art & photo)
*3 x2 Spin the bottle (I have both covers, art & photo)
*4 x2 Waiting in the wings (I have both covers, art & photo)
*5 x2 Five by five (I have both covers, art & photo)

Angel scriptbook vol 1 TPB
Angel scriptbook vol 2 TBP

*A totally awesome collection of Buffy trivia
Angel (TV Milestones) by Stacey Abbott

Blood Relations: Chosen Families In Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Angel
*Bite Me! The Chosen Edition. An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Essential Angel A Poster Book
Buffy X-Posed : The Unauthorized Biography of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Her On-Screen Character
Buffy Chronicles : The Unofficial Companion to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy meets the academy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The Best Websites and Factoids
Buffy the vampire slayer - BFI TV classics by Anne Billson
*[KINDLE]Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet: Essays on Online Fandom
Buffy goes dark
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale
Buffy the vampire slayer: The postcards
Buffyverse http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/6130256027?ie=UTF8&tag=slayathonmake-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=6130256027
Buffy the vampire slayer http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/6130052219?ie=UTF8&tag=slayathonmake-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=6130052219
Buffy in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching With the Vampire Slayer
Buffy, Ballads, and Bad Guys Who Sing: Music in the Worlds of Joss Whedon


Dusted: The Unauthorized Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Essential Angel (Poster Book)
Existential Joss Whedon by J. Michael Richardson and J. Douglas Rabb

*Five seasons of Angel
Fighting The Forces: What's At Stake In Buffy The Vampire Slayer?
Faith and Choice in the Works of Joss Whedon


*Sunnydale High Yearbook by Christoper Golden and Nancy Holder
*Hollywood vampire(red cover) by Keith Topping
Hollywood vampire vol 3 The Apocalypse (about season 5) blue cover by Keith Topping

Hollywood vampire (updated version, black cover) by Keith Topping

It's Never Too Late To Become A Buffy Fan

Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy


Literary Angel: Essays on Influences and Traditions Reflected in the Joss Whedon Series

*Meet the stars by Jan Gabriel
Music, Sound and Silence in Buffy the vampire slayer by Paul Attinello, Janet K. Halfyard and Vanessa Knights


Once Bitten : An Unofficial Guide to the World of Angel
Once More With Feeling song/scriptbook

*Pop quiz (Buffy the vampire slayer)


Red Noise : Television Studies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Redeemed: The Unauthorized Guide to Angel
Reading Angel : The TV Spin-off With a Soul
Reading the Vampire Slayer : The Complete, Unofficial Guide to 'Buffy' and 'Angel'

Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show
Sexual Rhetoric in the Works of Joss Whedon by Erin B. Waggoner
Slayer Slang: A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Lexicon
Sex And The Slayer: A Gender Studies Primer For The Buffy Fan
Slayer: The next generation(about season 6?) by Keith Topping
*Slayer - the last days of Sunnydale by Keith Topping

The big book of Buffy bites by Robert Mestre
*The Buffyverse Catalog: A Complete Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel in Print, Film, Television, Comics, Games and Other Media, 1992-2010 by Don Macnaughtan
*The Quotable Slayer
The Truth of Buffy: Essays on the Buffy Way of Illuminating Reality
The Physics of the Buffyverse
*The Monster Book
*The casefiles 1
*The casefiles 2
*The watcher's guides 1
*The watcher's guides 3
*The watcher's guides 3
The complete slayer by Keith Topping
Televised Morality: The Case of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Girl's Got Bite: The Original Unauthorized Guide to Buffy's World
The Aesthetics of Culture in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Q guide to Buffy the vampire slayer
The slayer files
The Lure Of The Vampire: Gender, Fiction And Fandom From Bram Stoker To Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The unofficial Buffy the vampire slayer internet guide

Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You're just a mortal. You coudln't understand my pain by Michael Dean Anderson(writer) and Milo Andreas Wagner (editor)

Waiting in the wings http://www.amazon.com/Waiting-Wings-Angel-Brothers-Television/dp/6130496737/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1274816520&sr=1-1-fkmr0
*What would Buffy do?
*[KINDLE]Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them
*Why Buffy matters by Rhonda Wilcox?

Chaos Bleeds by David Hodgson

Jul. 9th, 2009

Tara do you dare

Tara - An amazing paradox [poetry]

Title: Tara – An amazing paradox
Fandom: Buffy
Character: Tara
Summary: A poem about Tara(no specific kind of poem)
Rating: G, I guess.
Disclaimer: I don't own Tara. Even tough I want to. But not in the slave way. Okay, maybe a little bit in the slave way. I know, I'm bad, but don't worry, I'm seeing a professional.

* * * * *


Shy, brave
uncomfortable, beautiful
dead, but living forever in our hearts

A wonderful paradox

She denied a goddess
and I feel in love

Before, she was The Girlfriend
now, a hero

She meet a girl
-her willow tree-
feel in love
-so beautifully-

But the tree went greedy
stole her memory

Tara felt unsafe
used and lost
To save herself
she left
her broken heart the cost

Tara, our hero
choose to stand strong
but alone
Yet her light did not fade

It grew brighter

She still loved her tree
defended it
loved it
and one day



Naked sexiness

The heroin and the tree
at last

A happily ever after

But then

”Your shirt”

* * * *

Should it be "A amazing paradox" or "An"?

Drusilla - Alone [drabble]

Title: Drusilla – Alone
Fandom: Buffy/Angel
Characters: Drusilla.
Summary: Drusilla is alone.
Spoiler: Season 8, issue 4.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death.
Disclaimer: You caught me, I'm not Joss Whedon, or FOX, or anyone who owns anything cool. I don't even own the computer I wrote this drabble on.
Word count: A 100 words(not including the title).

* * *

Tick tock, tick tock,
the clock has stopped.

Down falls the leaves on the dead slayer's grave.

My knight bleeds from his eyes. His star has gone out. He lays his shiny, shiny head, on the muddy, muddy grave.

Still won't play with me, even after I snapped the wicked witch's head and ate her skinless boyfriend.

”Still won't bring her back”, he says, my Spike.

I have to find miss Edith. She's the only one who will speak with me. I hope I didn't leave her in the valley of the sun.

She's the only family I have left.

* * * * * *

Author's note: Let's say it takes place before issue 26 of Season 8, because I haven't read further. And in case you haven't read Season 8 of Buffy, I should explain that Amy(Willow's ex witch-buddy) and Warren(mr. flayed-alive-by-Dark-Willow-and-now-skinless) are back and fighting against Buffy. They haven't killed her in the comics, but for this drabble to work, you obviously have to imagine they have. And that Spike found out about it. And that Drusilla still likes Spike enough to want to "play" with him, even tough he threatened to kill her(she's crazy and lonely, so I think she's fine with it.

...When the Author's note is longer than the drabble, something's wrong.

Jul. 7th, 2009



I thought about posting my fanart here, but since there's so much, I'll just link to another website where I keep my art.


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